U.S. DOT: Transpo head LaHood will be “sticking around for a while”

After months of speculation, head of U.S. transportation will serve at least a portion of second term

January 23, 2013

The White House has not sent out official word, but it looks like U.S. DOT chief Ray LaHood is returning as head of transportation.

A few weeks ago, the Obama Administration did not have LaHood on the list of those cabinet members who would return for a second term. However, Bloomberg is reporting that the Illinois politician said he was “sticking around for a while.” The U.S. DOT is not confirming or denying the report.

LaHood was seen talking with President Barack Obama in the presidential viewing stand during the Inauguration Day parade on Jan. 21. He is the only Republican in Obama’s cabinet, and will be responsible for coming up with the next multiyear reauthorization bill. Obama has drawn up a six-year, $556 billion transportation plan, but did not include any funding mechanisms. LaHood’s U.S. DOT is refusing to support a raise in the federal gas tax.