Under Senate bill, roads, bridges funding will be flat in 2012

Chamber passes packaged piece of legislation, which keeps transportation spending at ’11 levels

Funding News Washington Post November 02, 2011
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The Senate took care of some house-cleaning items on Nov. 1, and among the political air fresheners was a packaged bill that will fund transportation, space exploration, housing subsidies and the FBI for the 2012 budget year.

The $182 billion piece of legislation was passed by a 69-30 count, and the Senate now must compromise with the GOP-controlled House before the spending becomes official, which could come before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Under a budget pact that was enacted in August, lawmakers had the task of cutting approximately $7 billion in spending, or less than 1%. For the most part, the transportation sector survived the chopping block. Aside from $1.9 billion that was needed for emergency help for states to rebuild from natural disasters, highway funding would stay at 2011 levels under the Senate bill.


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