Uber to partner with regional transit agencies to boost Cincinnati transportation

The Cincinnati Mobility Lab partnership will aim to improve transportation services for the region

January 31, 2018
transportation improvements

Cincinnati officials have struck a major deal with Uber aimed at improving the region’s transportation system using the ride-sharing service’s data-gathering abilities as they create the Cincinnati Mobility Lab.

The lab will share data, conduct studies and talk with employers in order to craft what officials hope will be an innovative transportation plan for the region.

A major part of the lab is an expansion of Uber’s Cincinnati presence. Company officials framed what Uber will do in the region as the first time the company has partnered specifically with public transit and local government with the goal of making Cincinnati a model for other cities when it comes to the future of mobility.

Uber will bring in academics, consultants, its in-house data gathering platform and other resources. The company also will create a “greenlight hub,” which is an in-person support center for area drivers that will be staffed with six experts, aimed at helping new drivers and community members interested in driving with Uber.

Uber also will bring its Uber Movement service, which analyzes anonymous data from billions of trips, to help city officials, urban planners, policymakers and other groups to keep their cities moving. Specifically, it examines traffic patterns, the impact of events, rush hours and road closures. 


Source: Cincinnati Business Courier