Trimble buys Viewpoint in $1.2 billion deal

The deal follows the company’s recent acquisition of e-Builder

April 24, 2018
Trimble buys Viewpoint in $1.2 billion deal
Trimble buys Viewpoint in $1.2 billion deal

Portland, Ore.-based Viewpoint Construction Software was purchased by Trimble for $1.2 billion in cash in a deal announced this week.

Trimble’s technology for the construction, agriculture and transportation markets has long been a boon to the respective industries. The California-based company reported revenue of $2.7 billion last year. In a statement, the company indicated expectations of about $200 million in additional revenue from Viewpoint in 2018.

“The intent [with this deal] is to continue what we have been doing,” Viewpoint chief executive Manolis Kotzabasakis said, as quoted in the Oregonian. “[Trimble] sees this as the foundation for them to become, by far, the world's leading construction technology company. And Viewpoint and Portland are going to be at the center of it.”

Viewpoint’s software helps construction companies and contractors plan and manage large projects, allocating resources, tracking time cards and measuring progress. Trimble said the Viewpoint deal, and a prior acquisition of e-Builder, gives it an expanded set of technology products for the construction industry.

For more information on Viewpoint, visit their storefront on Roads & Bridges.

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