TRANSIT: Uber announces new integration with Transit app

May 16, 2017

The purpose of the new integration is to better connect users with public transportation

Uber announced Tuesday it is integrating with the Transit app in more than 50 cities across the U.S.

With this integration, when an Uber rider marks a transit stop as a final destination, a card will pop up showing departure times for various modes of transportation. Uber said the integration with Transit will be available on Android devices to begin with.

The Transit app is available in 135 regions in 10 countries around the world. It works with a variety of modes of transportation, including public transit, car-share services like car2go and bike-share companies, to give users a clear picture of the best ways to get around.

Uber is largely known for clashing with city and state government over the legality of its operations, but it has partnered with several transit agencies to better serve people during their first and/or last mile—the trip one takes from his or her home to public transit, and vice versa. This could be taking an Uber ride from home to the train station in the morning and another ride from the station to a workplace.

These kinds of partnerships fit with Uber’s goals of fewer cars on the road and a world where “every journey is shared using a combination of transit options,” according to a blog post on the partnership with Transit. According to the blog post, Uber also envisions better connected cities, a viable alternative to personal car ownership, and reduced traffic and parking for communities as a result of more frequent use of public transportation and carpooling.


Source: GeekWire