TRANSIT: Bay Area to invest $292B in transit projects

Nov. 3, 2015

Bay Area plans to spend $292 billion on transit projects to achieve a car-limited future

Approximately $292 billion will be used for transit projects in the Bay Area over the next 25 years. The plans include rail, bus and commute routes for the public, which are all designed to give commuters alternatives to getting around the city so they can avoid driving.

San Francisco is aiming for a car-limited future and has already made a number of changes to the city including no-turn laws, bike lanes and lowered speed limits. BART will extend its reach further into Santa Clara County. In 2019, reserved bus lanes and the Central Subway running through the middle of downtown San Francisco will be implemented.

The projects will not only need funding dollars but also public support, which can only occur if the proposed transit projects turn out well over the next 25 years.

Other Bay Area transportation projects include:

  • Sonomoa-Marin Area Rail Transit
  • Sonoma Narrows
  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge widening
  • Highway 4 widening
  • East Contra Costa BART extension
  • Van Ness bus rapid transit
  • Central Subway
  • Transbay Transit Center
  • East Bay rapid transit
  • Caltrain electrification
  • BART to the South Bay
  • I-580 express lanes