TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Florida DOT testing solar-powered pads to help with traffic

Aug. 4, 2017

The traffic pads have been added on Lake Mary Boulevard and will be tested at a couple other intersections

Solar-powered traffic pads have been added on Lake Mary Boulevard in Lake Mary, Fla., and are about to be tested at a couple other intersections.

The traffic pads made by a Sanford company are designed to keep track of traffic and talk to traffic engineers in real time. The designers said more than traffic signal coordination, the devices can deliver real-time data to potentially influence future road improvements.

Seminole County said it already has systems in place that do much of this work, but the Florida Department of Transportation wanted a spot to field test for possible statewide approval.

As for the safety for motorcycles, since the pads stick up about an inch, manufacturers said they have actually tested them with motorcycles without any issue. They also point out that in a permanent installation, they can be set down into the pave, flush with the road surface.

The sensors are intended to give engineers the information they need to make driving easier for motorists.


Story & image source: WESH-TV