Consortium launches to create smart, connected region in North Texas

June 3, 2020

The North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) was recently launched to create the most connected, smart, and resilient region in the country, the consortium founders say.

According to a news release, NTXIA is a consortium of key cross-sector stakeholders working to collaboratively solve pressing challenges to improve quality of life, expedite inclusive economic development, and increase resource efficiency through the use of data, technology, and community. It boasts the largest initiative of its kind in the U.S.

One of the core tenets of NTXIA is the formation of strategic advisory committees to tackle complex topics including data standards and privacy, cybersecurity, digital inclusion, financial models, and procurement. It is NTXIA’s belief that these problems can only be solved through best minds approaches, and can be addressed more quickly together than those developed individually.

“Smart City collaboration is now moving beyond municipal boundaries, and more and more regions are working together in order to create seamless interchanges for their residents,” NTXIA Cofounder Jennifer Sanders said in a statement. “Everyone benefits from the North Texas region working collectively to create the most compelling and innovative solutions that support government, residents, and businesses, and to provide the infrastructure that can attract more residents and organizations, and is prepared to respond together with agility in times of crisis.”

The NTXIA has joined Mastercard’s City Possible network, a partnership and co-creation initiative that brings cities, companies and communities together to identify common challenges and co-develop solutions that advance inclusive and sustainable urban development. 

Through the consortium, NTXIA will work to address and enhance elements serving the region including, but not limited to:  

  • Infrastructure and the effective management and stewardship of shared natural and human resources. 
  • Effective and forward-looking land use policies, urban design, and zoning.
  • Accessible and efficient transit solutions and traffic management


SOURCE: North Texas Innovation Alliance