AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: Nokia to begin trial run of intelligent transportation system using mobile app

Oct. 28, 2015

Motorists will use a smartphone app to communication roadway information to traffic-management hubs 

Nokia will soon begin a trial run of a smart system offering two-way communication between roads users and traffic-management hubs using existing commercial mobile networks. The end goal is to develop an automated cloud communication system on cellular networks, which uses data gathered from in-vehicle sensors and the surrounding roadway infrastructure.

The upcoming pilot, called Coop, will draw from a proof-of-concept trial of a cellular C-ITS System that Nokia completed in Helsinki in August. The system performed well in the trial by properly distributing targeted notifications on traffic conditions and road hazards.

The two-year pilot is led by Nokia and conducted in collaboration with the FTA and Finnish Transport Safety Agency, or Trafi.

It will first cover three highways in southern Finland and 1,000 consumer and professional vehicles and build towards a large-scale deployment across Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Motorists using Coop will firstreport safety information through a smartphone app. This information could relate to obstacles on the road, weather conditions, slippery surfaces or accidents.

"When the information is received, the data is analyzed in the cloud to determine which users need the information. It is then sent to relevant road users who are in or entering the [hazard] area," Nokia’s Rytkönen told ZDNet.

Rytkönen believes Nokia's cellular C-ITS solution could be deployed to consumers by 2018.