Mobility leaders partner to help communities plan for EV infrastructure

Oct. 31, 2019

Streetlight Data Inc. and Siemens are pooling their data and industry knowledge to help communities prepare for the growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and enable successful EV infrastructure planning.

As EV sales accelerate and more communities assess their EV readiness, new data sources, skillsets, and energy expertise are needed for the evaluation and successful EV infrastructure planning. Siemens and StreetLight Data are providing critical components for this process: Siemens contributes its energy and EV infrastructure consultancy and analytic capabilities, while StreetLight provides mobility big data resources and technology that allows for big data integration with other data sources. Together, the two players are uniquely positioned to help communities develop initiatives that support EV adoption and prioritize key requirements for efficient EV infrastructure deployment.

"Optimal placement of EV charging stations is a multivariate problem," StreetLight Data CEO Laura Schewel said in a statement. "Our metrics give planners near-instant access to empirical EV demand inputs, including origin-destination data for entire regions, broken out by mode, demographics, time of day, giving agencies sophisticated tools for optimal supply planning." 

Streetlight says that as transportation is becoming more complex with the arrival of new modes—such as EVs—cities, utilities, MPOs, and states need data-based approaches to understand the incumbent complexity and to steer their individual communities’ through their evolving infrastructure needs. StreetLight uses big data derived multi-mode analytics that provide exhaustive insights into the sources of nationwide and local traffic flows for virtually any time period—and support a variety of EV infrastructure planning components.

Successful planning for EV infrastructure projects also requires coordination with public and private organizations in these communities. Siemens’ expertise with synthesizing information from the different stakeholders and StreetLight’s ability to integrate the information with mobility data will allow the two entities to provide customizable yet scalable technical solutions.


SOURCE: Streetlight Data Inc.