AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: Uber suspending driverless testing after accident in Tempe, Az.

March 27, 2017

Despite police statement that other vehicle was at fault, company is cautious

Uber has announced that it will suspend its self-driving car program after one of its autonomous vehicles was involved in a high-impact crash in Tempe, Az. The ride-hailing company is suspending its autonomous tests in Arizona until it completes its investigation and pausing its Pittsburgh operations.

In a photo posted on Twitter, one of Uber’s Volvo self-driving SUVs is pictured on its side next to another car with dents and smashed windows. Uber subsequently confirmed the accuracy of the photo.

According to Tempe police, the Uber vehicle was not responsible for the incident and there were no injuries. Another car failed to yield for the Uber vehicle, causing the autonomous vehicle to flip on its side.

Uber began testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in 2016 before expanding those tests to Arizona. This decision came as a result of a ban by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in December, which would require the company to adhere to the same regulations as regular, driver-controlled vehicles.