I-90 between the Jane Byrne “Circle” Interchange at I-290 and Nagle Avenue near the Edens Junction at I-94 (Chicago, Ill.)

Feb. 18, 2016

This 12-mile corridor is notorious with Chicagoans and tourists alike. Skirting the near west and near north sides of the city, the I-90 Kennedy corridor bridging the I-90/290 and I-90/94 interchanges causes an estimated 17 million hours lost to delays and gridlock each year, translating to a time-dollar value of $418 million. What’s more: a staggering 6.37 million gallons of gasoline are burned in excess of what a fluidly running corridor of this size should expect. At present, a multibillion-dollar project is underway to assuage some of the Jane Byrne congestion with a flyover that will allow traffic to flow unimpeded south to the Dan Ryan Expressway and west to the city’s outlying suburbs.