Transportation Board in Virginia approves six-year improvement program

Program includes $17.2 billion for highways and $5.8 billion for rail and public transportation

July 08, 2021 / 1 minute read
transportation improvement projects

The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in Virginia recently approved the FY 2022-2027 Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP), which allocates $24 billion to highway, rail and public transportation over the next six years. 

The board also approved the FY 2022 budgets for the Commonwealth Transportation Fund, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT).

The Commonwealth Transportation Fund Budget distributes funding for allocation to Highways, Rail, Transit, Ports, Aviation, Space Flight and the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

“The budgets and six-year program approved will advance our Commonwealth’s commitment to improving and maintaining infrastructure through the most critically needed projects,” Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine said in a statement. “The range of projects included will allow us to build and sustain economic opportunity for all Virginians.”

The SYIP includes $17.2 billion for highways and $5.8 billion for rail and public transportation.

VDOT’s approved $17.2 billion Highway Construction Program provides funding to 3,700 projects and is supported by $4.1 billion in funding provided by others. It also includes funding for the new Interstate Operations and Enhancement Program, the new Virginia Highway Safety Improvement Program, and the new Special Structure funding program. 

DRPT’s approved $5.8 billion in allocations for rail and public transportation projects includes $4.2 billion for transit and transportation demand management initiatives and $1.6 billion for rail planning and preservation. 


SOURCE: Virginia Department of Transportation

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