RTC Southern Nevada to expand transit service

Aug. 19, 2021

Service expansion made possible through federal stimulus funding

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada is expanding and improving transit service throughout the valley through federal stimulus funding.

According to a press release, the service changes will provide access to 185,000 residents—of which 21,000 are currently living at the poverty level; 18,000 are seniors; 13,000 have a disability; and 79,000 are non-white or Hispanic. 

This will improve access for 380 eligible paratransit customers and connect 23,000 individuals to employment opportunities; connect 7,000 resort corridor employees who did not previously have access to transit; and provide direct connections to 43 additional childcare facilities and schools and six grocery stores, RTC said.

Service enhancements also include the introduction of RTC-OnDemand, a pilot microtransit service in the southwest and West Henderson; and the implementation of a “Transit Lab” initiative to provide faster and more frequent service to some of the busiest stops along Charleston Blvd.

The expansion of services, which begin this month, also includes the restoration of weekend service in underserved areas, including Routes 207 (Alta/Stewart) and 209 (Vegas/Owens), and by enhancing weekend frequency on Route 210 (Lake Mead Blvd.).


SOURCE: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada