TRANSIT: Utah Transit Authority sets long-term goals for increased ridership, improved services

Goals would require 67% increase in tax revenue

Transportation Management News The Salt Lake Tribune October 28, 2013
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The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) announced a list of “2020 strategic goals” they aim to meet by the year 2020 and their intent to educate the public on the 2040 Unified Transportation Plan — a long-term plan set by a collaboration of groups in the Metropolitan Planning Organizations.


The main goals include:

  • Doubling ridership;
  • Cutting 25% off of travel time by decreasing delays, transfer time and time spent getting to and from stops; and
  • Increasing service levels by 50%.


The goals will follow improved yearly quotas and tie executive bonuses to the fulfillment of the quotas and overall progress.


The UTA believes they can meet the 2020 strategic goals only if the 2040 Unified Transportation Plan is fully funded.  In addition to that funding, their current $207 million sales tax revenue would need to be increased by 67%.


To increase ridership, Salt Lake City is currently experimenting with a new $360 annual pass, which they offer in conjunction with a $198-a-month option.  UTA plans on expanding the membership to other parts of Utah if the $2,000-plus savings increases purchases.

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