TRANSIT: San Francisco transit-only lanes proving effective in test run

Travel times on one bus line have improved by 5% since March

Transit News San Francisco Examiner May 13, 2013
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Since the introduction of designated transit-only lanes on Church Street in San Francisco, travel times on the 22-Fillmore bus line have decreased by 5% and reliability has increased by 20%, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni).


The lanes—delineated with red paint—were implemented in March on the most congested portion of Church Street, a three-block stretch between Duboce Avenue and 16th Street. Muni is also allowing cabs to use the lanes, which also prohibit motorists from turning left onto 15th and 16th streets. To date, 16 citations have been issued for improper use of the new lanes.


Muni has said that the lanes will be made permanent if service continues to improve on the 22-Fillmore line as well as the J-Church line.


The transit lanes are part of an 18-month pilot project which stems from the Transit Effectiveness Project, a report on Muni transportation operations that was completed in 2008.

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