TRANSIT: New app connects delayed commuters with local politicians

Advocacy group behind app hopes to build public support for transportation improvements

Transit News Chicago Tribune July 31, 2013
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Thanks to a new mobile app from transportation advocacy group Building America’s Future, public transportation users can instantly notify their elected officials about lapses in service.


The app, called I’m Stuck, allows users to instantly generate and send an e-mail to their local elected officials notifying them of delays in transportation service. Simply select the transportation issue—including traffic jams, tarmac delays and transit delays or overcrowding—and include a personal message; the notification is then sent to the user’s U.S. House representative and both U.S. Senators.


Registration information provided by the user allows the app to determine the appropriate public officials to contact. If the user is outside of their home jurisdiction when delays occur, I’m Stuck will use geolocation to notify the elected officials for that area.


Building America’s Future, a bipartisan group of former and current elected officials pushing for increases in transportation spending, hopes that the app spurs additional public support for its cause.


The free app is currently available for download on all Android and Apple devices.

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