TRAFFIC/TRANSIT: Transportation modes halted in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

A number of roads and transit services are expected to remain closed until later this week

August 29, 2017
Hurricane Harvey aftermath in Houston

The catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey and continued rainfall over the past few days has most modes of transportation in Houston and a larger region of the state at a standstill.

State highway conditions consist of road closures because of flooding all along the Texas coastal area from Corpus Christi to the Louisiana state line. Some roads, many in the Houston area, are not expected to reopen until later in the week, according to state estimates.

Transportation officials on Monday were urging residents to stay off the roads as major freeways remain impassable. In the Yoakum district, officials announced a few roads reopening Monday morning, as crews continued clearing debris in the areas of Victoria and Calhoun counties. In the Corpus Christi district, crews began replacing traffic signals damaged by the storm Sunday, and continued to work on major roads throughout the coastal area.

The Houston Metro’s bus system, three light-rail lines, and paratransit services will all remain closed until at least the end of Monday, with no word yet on when the system would begin to reopen. In a statement, Metro officials said the service is shuttered in light of “catastrophic flooding and treacherous road conditions,” and they will monitor the situation to determine when it will be safe to begin running service again.

The FAA also warned unauthorized drone operators that they may be subject to “significant fines” if they interfere with emergency response operations in the Houston region. 


Source: Washington Post

Image source: Richard Carson/Reuters via Washington Post

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