TRAFFIC SAFETY: Wis. experiments with orange pavement markings

Change in color, a first in the U.S., will be used in Zoo Interchange project

December 02, 2014

The new orange is coming to Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin DOT announced it would be using orange pavement markings in at least three separate locations throughout the Zoo Interchange project to see if the change in color does make a difference when it comes to safety. It’s the first known application in the U.S.

During the winter, salt residue on road surfaces blend in with the traditional white and yellow striping, making it difficult for drivers to track what lane they are in.

Orange reflective epoxy paint has been used in Canada, New Zealand and Europe, and the Federal Highway Administration gave the Wisconsin DOT permission to use the brighter approach.

The Wisconsin DOT will track the performance of the paint under diverse weather and time-of-day conditions and will be monitoring the reaction of motorists to the orange lane markings.

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