APTA releases cleaning and disinfecting guidance for public transit during pandemic

June 25, 2020

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) recently released a new resource to public transit agencies: recommended industry guidance for cleaning and disinfecting public transit vehicles and facilities in response to a pandemic virus. 

The paper was developed by APTA’s Technical Advisory Group of industry representatives and LTK Engineering, and reviewed and approved by the association's Mobility Recovery & Restoration Task Force.

The APTA Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance—which the association says draws from proven best practices, CDC guidelines, and public health experts—is designed to aid all transit agencies regardless of size or mode in developing maintenance, cleaning, and disinfecting programs for their vehicles and facilities. Many of the ideas discussed in the document are currently being implemented in the public transportation industry and related sectors that are working to mitigate the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“The dissemination of cleaning and disinfecting guidance is one of the most significant tools endorsed by the Task Force,” APTA Chair Nuria Fernandez, the head of Valley Transit Authority and impetus for the Task Force for Recovery and Restoration, said in a statement. “Transit agencies have told us this is their most important priority to keep riders safe and win back public confidence.”

As public transit agencies make use of elements in this guidance, APTA encourages agencies to share their individually designed cleaning and disinfecting programs with others, so that the public transit industry continues to learn and perfect the best approaches.


SOURCE: American Public Transportation Association