TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Ohio mayor refuses road expansion

Says solution to congestion needs to take place on a regional level, not just a local level

Transportation Management News September 22, 2015
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Solon, Ohio Mayor Susan Drucker, despite engineering recommendations and resident requests, has stated she will not agree to widen Aurora Road to five lanes, preferring to take a regional approach to traffic snarls, since booming development in neighboring Bainbridge Township and Aurora are adding to congestion woes in the city.


“Expanding Aurora Road isn't the answer,” Drucker said. “Why would I spend our tax payer's money—and have residents along Aurora Road lose their property—just to spur development in Bainbridge and Aurora? It makes no sense to assist development outside the city.”


The mayor’s office has recently approached neighboring communities, proposing a new interchange off U.S. 422, which would funnel traffic around the city, circumventing a good measure of influx. The proposal, however, has had problems getting other municipalities to commit to a shared traffic study without a firm idea of the project’s cost.


“The idea of the interchange is coming from Solon, even though it would benefit Bainbridge. It's difficult to approach them and ask for help without being able to give them a firm price tag,” Drucker said. "The interchange may not be feasible, but until we look at a shared community study, we won't know.”


Widening Aurora Road to five lanes would cost an estimated $19 million, funding for which could be sourced through the Transportation Review Advisory Council, since it would benefit the region and be a catalyst for development. At present, discussions on the matter are ongoing.

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