TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: New York governor announces updates to 511NY traffic information system

Enhanced website, new mobile apps part of revamped program

Transportation Management News New York Governor's Office July 13, 2012
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday a pending revamp of the 511NY driver information program that will include enhancements to the program’s website and the addition of several mobile apps. The announcement comes as work is about to commence statewide on numerous road and bridge projects under the governor’s NY Works program.


Among the planned improvements to, which already offers real-time traffic updates and camera feeds, is the addition of more prominent notifications on the home page. The goal is to immediately alert drivers to emergency situations. Other site updates include a simplified user interface and bridge and border crossing times.


Regular users who check the same routes consistently will be able to save their preferences, avoiding the need to repeatedly search for new updates.


The new smartphone apps—available for download for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices—will allow mobile access to all of the features of the regular 511NY website.

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