Traffic coverage extended on I-95

New I-95 traffic cameras extend coverage from Washington, D.C., to Fredericksburg, Va.

News TrafficLand December 11, 2006
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The TrafficLand Co., based in Fairfax, Va., recently announced the addition of seven new real-time traffic camera views in the Fredericksburg, Va., area to its network. The new camera views, located along I-95, extend the continuous coverage available on from Washington, D.C., to Fredericksburg, Va. The company's website and other real-time video-based services are used by commuters, public safety agencies, media and others.

"Our real-time traffic video services are used by commuters to avoid traffic congestion and by first responders to aid emergency response and incident management," said Lawrence Nelson, president of TrafficLand. "The ability to fill the last significant gap in our real-time traffic video coverage between Fredericksburg and Washington, D.C., will help our users make more informed decisions on where, when and how to travel along this very busy corridor."

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