TRAFFIC CONTROL: Utah DOT to invest $16 million for flex lanes

Flex lanes will help reduce traffic congestion on 5400 South

September 21, 2012

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will transform 5400 South, the stretch of road between Bangerter Highway and Redwood Road, into the state’s first flex lanes to help reduce traffic congestion. Extra lanes will be used to allow motorists to go one way during the morning commute and the opposite way in the afternoon.

There are currently three lanes going each direction on 5400 South and a center turn lane. During the morning rush hour, the eastbound lanes are typically bumper-to-bumper, while the westbound lanes are open. In the afternoon, the westbound lanes experience heavy traffic.

Rose said flex lanes will allow four of the lanes of traffic to go the same direction during heavy commute times, with one center lane for left turns.In order to direct motorists where they can go, UDOT has placed overhead electronic signs with green arrows and red Xs every 500 ft on 5400 South.

UDOT ran into some technical difficulties while testing the signs Thursday, which Deputy Director Tim Rose said would be fixed before they start.

The new flex lanes were scheduled to go into effect full time on Oct. 1, but Rose said the actual start date would likely be later. The project will reportedly cost $16 million.

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