TRAFFIC CONTROL: Maine DOT installs radar crash avoidance system in Bangor

State officials hope to improve safety at low-visibility intersection

September 27, 2012

In an effort to improve safety, the Maine Department of Transportation installed an Intersection Crash Avoidance System (ICAS) last week at the intersection of Third Street and Cedar Street in Bangor. It is the fourth location in the state to utilize the ICAS system.

The $250,000 system is radar-based, displaying information on a telephone-pole-mounted digital display. When ICAS senses a vehicle approaching, a digital outline of a car lights up, indicating which direction the vehicle is coming from.

MDOT officials selected the Bangor intersection for ICAS implementation due to its low visibility. The department has tried a variety of measures to improve safety at this particular intersection, including flashing lights and additional stop signs. Officials had also considered building a roundabout, but the plan was deemed infeasible due to limited space. 

The system is also in use at intersections in Norridgewock, Sanford and Lebanon.