TRAFFIC CONTROL: Macomb County, Michigan constructing data and operations center

$13.5 million center will greatly improve outdated monitoring methods

October 31, 2013

Macomb County (Mich.) is constructing a $13.5 million, 25,000-square-foot operations center. The Macomb County Operations and Communications Center will feature the county’s new data and operations centers, where stations will monitor traffic, dispatches from the sheriff, emergency operations, TV reports and weather radars on a 20-ft x 50-ft video wall featuring dozens of screens.

The center will be at the current Department of Roads location. The county will renovate unused space in the building to save money on its 25% out-of-pocket expense.  Federal grants provided the rest of the funding.

After construction is complete, Macomb County may look into contracting the center for its dispatch services, similar to city centers within Macomb County, to provide revenue for the county.

The operations center is currently scheduled for completion in December.