Toyota to test vehicle-infrastructure cooperation

News Toyota December 01, 2006
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Toyota Motor plans to conduct public-road tests of vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems under a Driving Safety Support Systems (DSSS) verification program organized by the Universal Traffic Management Society of Japan. The tests are scheduled to start in December in Toyota City, Japan.

Toyota is conducting the tests as part of its efforts to develop vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems that provide drivers with traffic information by way of the roadside infrastructure and that are aimed at helping reduce traffic accidents through the use of the latest intelligent transportation systems technologies. Such cooperative systems enable collaboration not only between vehicles and the roadside infrastructure, but also among vehicles and between vehicles and pedestrians.

With an aim toward reducing the dangers associated with vehicle use and realizing vehicles that do not cause accidents, Toyota hopes this effort will lead to the development of such systems as intervention-type, infrastructure-linked systems capable of not only providing information, but also warning drivers and slowing and/or stopping vehicles.

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