TOLLING: Stretch on I-30 in Texas will be tolled

Officials announce plans to replace HOV lanes with variable pricing tolls

September 27, 2013

Instead of an extra person, motorists around the Austin and Dallas area are going to have to make sure they have extra change in their toll account.

The Texas Transportation Commission announced on Sept. 26 that the high-occupancy vehicle lanes on I-30 in north Texas would be replaced by variable pricing toll lanes. The flexible-toll strategy is being allowed because back in 2006 the Federal Highway Administration allowed officials to use I-30 as a pilot project for variable pricing. The managed lanes will operate under the TEXPress lanes name and are currently under construction.

The lane configuration will vary throughout the 18.8-mile corridor. Fielder Road to near Texas 360 will have one permanent lane in each direction, and east of 360 there will be two reversible lanes except near downtown Dallas, where traffic will merge into one reversible lane.

The toll charge has not been determined, but there will be discounts for those traveling with others and motorcycles. Trucks with more than two axles, however, will be hit with an additional fee.

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