Three workers injured after fall on I-4 Ultimate project in Orlando

The project had recently reopened from shutting down after a worker was killed on the site earlier this month

February 20, 2019
I-4 Ultimate improvement project

Three workers sustained minor injuries from a fall that occurred last week while working on the I-4 Ultimate project in Orlando, Fla.

The incident took place only four days after construction on the interstate resumed after a worker was killed earlier this month, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The workers, employed by SGL Constructors, were injured while pouring cement. The workers fell 15 ft from an elevated platform, reportedly after a section of formwork gave way.

Just a few days prior to this incident, work had been shut down on the project for a week as of after a 59-year-old worker was hit in the head and killed by a 20-foot-long iron pipe on Feb. 4. This was the fourth worker killed since the 21-mile project began in 2015. 

The first fatality on the I-4 project occurred in February 2016 when an SGL employee was run over by a dump truck filled with dirt. In December of the same year, an employee of I-4 subcontractor Central Florida Underground was killed when he was struck by a piece of steel equipment. And in March 2018, an SGL subcontractor employee was killed when a rebar cage fell on him.

The I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project is a P3 effort involving reconstruction and expansion of a stretch of I-4 running between Orange County and Seminole County that moves into the heart of Orlando. The seven-year project is scheduled to be completed in 2021.


Source: Construction Dive / Orlando Sentinel