THEA Connected Vehicle Pilot to test applications at facility in Michigan

Pilot to deploy seven connected vehicle applications at the American Center for Mobility

May 24, 2021 / 2 minute read
connected vehicle pilot

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority Connected Vehicle Pilot (THEA CV Pilot) this week is deploying seven connected vehicle applications in collaboration with auto manufacturers at the American Center for Mobility (ACM) testing facility in Michigan.

The THEA CV Pilot is a $22 million project jointly funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA). The auto manufacturers involved in this deployment include Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota using DENSO On-Board Units and Siemens Roadside Units.

ACM testing marks a milestone for THEA in Phase 4 by testing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) hardware applications developed as part of the pilot based on the original THEA CV Pilot applications. At the testing center the THEA CV Pilot team plans to test seven connected vehicle applications: Forward Collision Warning (FCW); Emergency Electronic Brake Light (EEBL); Intersection Movement Assist (IMA); Wrong Way Entry (WWE); Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW); End or Ramp Deceleration Warning (ERDW); Red Light Violation Warning (RLVW).

This will be the first time all seven applications will be tested during one ACM event. THEA says the pilot successfully completed its first three phases of planning, deployment, and real-time data collection—an important step to deploying in Tampa.

During Phase 4, testing the viability of connected vehicle interoperability using OEM hardware into THEA’s program will establish not only the efficiency of CV-equipped Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota vehicles, but that the technology can be integrated into actual transportation systems to enhance the safety, mobility, and traffic reliability for drivers and pedestrians.

“The THEA CV Pilot has been successful in implementing CV technology for sending warnings in real-time and documenting the data for use by the industry for future deployments," Bob Frey, Director of Planning and THEA CV Project Manager, said in a statement. "We are working with the OEMs to using technology to make it safer to drive. Our team’s goal is to one day eradicate crashes all together, which will require everyone working together.”


SOURCE: Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority

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