MDOT Enters Partnership to Build First In-Road EV Charging System in Detroit

Sept. 22, 2022
Electric charging will be available in Detroit, and if the pilot program does well it will expand

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has partnered with Electreon to develop an in-road charging system for vehicles in Detroit, a first of its kind.

The pilot project will be developed by both MDOT and Electreon with goals of expanding in the future.

“This agreement helps solidify Michigan as the U.S. leader in developing and implementing a wireless in-road charging network,” State Transportation Director Paul C. Ajegba said. “We now can work toward better policy and regulatory framework that provides a welcoming environment for this unique technology. Ultimately, the research and work conducted on this project will help lead to large-scale deployment across Michigan and the U.S.”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced the project earlier this year.

The roadway will be located in the Michigan Central district, where Ford Motor Co. is restoring the old Michigan Central train station to develop self-driving vehicles. The current draft of Michigan’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 calls for infrastructure like charging roadways to be built in Michigan to accommodate 2 million electric vehicles on roads by 2030.

“The potential for electrifying roads and cities is practically endless and working together with MDOT we are reshaping the future of transportation,” said Oren Ezer, CEO and co-founder of Electreon. “Through ongoing collaboration on our Detroit project, MDOT has proven to be innovative leaders in the industry. We’re excited to enter into this agreement to create a blueprint for scaling wireless charging for all EVs across Michigan and the U.S. and look forward to aligning with additional DOTs in the future.”


Source: ClickOnDetroit