Collaboration to pilot new transportation technologies in Central Texas

March 24, 2021

Goal is to support smart infrastructure that will enable autonomous, connected, and electrified mobility

A collaboration aimed at piloting new technologies was recently announced between Georgia-based The Ray, the Texas DOT (TxDOT) Austin District, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority), and the City of Austin.

This collaboration is the result of several months of discussion focused on ideas for improving regional cooperation that also aims to pursue green energy solutions. The collaboration was formalized through a signed charter with the City of Austin, and letters of understanding with TxDOT and the Mobility Authority.

“In Georgia, The Ray has partnered with state and industry leaders to create the world’s first sustainable highway living laboratory, and we are excited to bring our experience in transportation innovation to Central Texas,” Laura Rogers, director of strategic partnerships at The Ray, said in a statement. “Focusing on infrastructure that supports future-forward transportation technology through regional collaboration allows for a seamless transition of service across jurisdictions and provides a model to scale similar initiatives across the state and nation.”

This collaboration is focused on facilitating, executing, promoting, and building real innovative projects that prioritize road safety, improve infrastructure resiliency, and protect and restore the environment, according to The Ray. These projects include but are not limited to connected autonomous vehicle infrastructure, solar-powered photovoltaic electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations, and in-road dynamic wireless EV charging.

“Austin has long been at the forefront of emerging technology and innovative strategies to enhance mobility, protect the environment, and improve the quality of life for our community,” Gina Fiandaca, assistant city manager for mobility at the City of Austin, said in a statement. “With The Ray’s expertise and experience, they are a natural fit toward helping us achieve our mobility goals.”

The goal of this collaboration is to accelerate Central Texas’s objective to build forward by supporting smart infrastructure that will enable autonomous, connected, and electrified mobility.