Michigan governor announces partnership with automated vehicle tech company

Nov. 25, 2019

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Michigan) recently announced a new agreement between the state of Michigan and Mobileye, a global leader in collision avoidance and autonomous vehicle technology.

The agreement creates a pilot program for Mobileye’s retrofit technology that will include the Michigan DOT and Michigan Economic Development Corporation/PlanetM, and is expected to be rolled out to several Michigan counties, transit, and police agencies.

Set to run for six months to take advantage of Michigan’s winter road conditions, the pilot would feature installing advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) equipment in up to 100 fleet vehicles to demonstrate reduction in collisions and help collect data that could be useful to enhance safety and efficiency for Michigan’s fleets.

“This program will demonstrate the potential of driving assistance technology to save lives, reduce collision-related costs, and help diminish traffic congestion,” Gov. Whitmer said in a statement.

While the pilot is initially set for six months, part of the meetings with Mobileye have centered around additional avenues to work more closely together on issues around transportation and mobility technology.


SOURCE: Office of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer