Sweeping performance

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The Madvac CN200 Compact Sweeper (Circle 912) offers heavy-duty, quiet and effective cleaning of the filthiest surfaces in narrow city streets and alleys to large municipal streets. Its compact size provides uncompromising safety for pedestrians and operators.
The Madvac CN200 has a quiet, state-of-the-art, powerful vacuum system that efficiently picks up dirt, rocks, broken glass and bulky litter from downtown districts, airports, universities and theme parks.
The sweeping system consists of dual, operator-controlled, 33-in.-diam. brushes. A fully floating, 32°-wide vacuum nozzle runs on rubber tires. The tank capacity is 66 gal, and the hopper capacity is 23 cu yd.
Compact dimensions give accessibility and ability to maneuver easily around obstacles such as parked cars, litter receptacles and fire hydrants.

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