Study reveals very high recall rates for transit TV advertising

Study shows that Transit TV unaided advertising recall is more than double that of cable and broadcast television

News eMediaWire July 17, 2007
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A recent study of Transit TV's advertising effectiveness by Carroll Media resulted in an average advertising recall of 59%. Over all, 92% of Transit TV Atlanta viewers were able to recall one or more of surveyed commercials.

The study, Advertising Effectiveness Study for Atlanta MARTA Bus TV Screens, examines bus riders' advertising recall capability and opinions regarding the 1,217 Transit TV screens installed on 538 MARTA vehicles in Atlanta.

Respondents were asked to recall four specific commercials (a quick service chicken restaurant, soda, quick service coffee restaurant and home furnishings retail store) using three types of recall measures: unaided, aided, and super-aided. Among bus riders who watched Transit TV during the past month, 82% of viewers were able to recall at least two of the four surveyed commercials on an unaided/aided basis. The average unaided/aided recall for the four specified brands was 59%.

35% of riders were able to recall a commercial on an unaided basis. These results compare very favorably to traditional media such as Broadcast TV's 15% unaided recall rate (Nielsen Media Research 2000).

Results of the study indicate that viewers are frequently exposed to Transit TV throughout the week and have a favorable opinion toward the TV screens. Nine out of ten respondents watched Transit TV the day of the survey. The average number of days respondents spent riding MARTA buses in one week was 4.6. 79% of riders agree that Transit TV makes their ride seem faster and more enjoyable. Nearly all (94%) respondents rated Transit TV as very favorable or favorable.

Transit TV's audience is young; almost half of the survey respondents were under age 44. 22% were students, while the majority of student respondents (59%) were enrolled in college.

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