Applying BIM Methodology to Bridge Projects with OpenBridge Designer

Dec. 7, 2021

12/15/21 12:00 ET / 11:00 CT | Watch Here

Building information modeling (BIM) is being increasingly adopted in the bridge design and construction industry, as 3D information models improve design quality for more accurate drawings, constructability, and collaboration. However, bridge engineers need to overcome challenges when applying these techniques to actual projects. They need to take an immense amount of information generated by their structural model and make it useful for professionals further down the line in the bridge’s lifecycle. This is where BIM level, level of development (LOD) and digital twins come in as an important role in understanding what designers and contractors need to deliver to owner-operators. Join us for this webinar to learn how Bentley’s OpenBridge Designer starts the BIM process for the modeling, analysis, design, and deliverables for any type of bridges, as well as how it can help you achieve the LOD required in your different project phases by maintaining the flow of information through the entire bridge lifecycle.

Learning Objectives 

  • Understanding how BIM can be applied to bridge design projects
  • Overview of the capabilities of OpenBridge Designer and how it is implemented to achieve the LOD level required by owner/operators, as engineering firms are taking bridge projects from the conceptual phase to design, construction and maintenance.

Featured Speakers

Burak Boyaci
Director, Software Development, Bridge & Tunnel
Bentley Systems, Inc.

Burak Boyaci began his career as a Bridge Design Engineer. During his 7-year long journey with an engineering consultant firm, he became proficient in multiple bridge design software and finite element modeling. In 2017, he joined Bentley as a Product Manager in bridge group. Over the 4 years, he managed various bridge and tunnel products, and experienced a few new product launches. Currently, he leads the Bentley’s Bridge & Tunnel Group. He holds a Master of Science degree from University of Massachusetts and is a registered professional engineer.

Alex Mabrich
User Success Manager
Bentley Systems, Inc.

Mr. Mabrich joined the Bentley Systems team 29 years ago. As a User Success Manager, he provides consulting, training, and support services for multidisciplinary design projects. His bridge, roadway, site, drainage, and geotechnical expertise range from resurfacing roadway projects thru complex multilevel interchanges in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Registered PE in Florida, he graduated from Universidad Ricardo Palma in Lima, Peru in 1988, and obtained his Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Florida International University in 1996 and his MBA at Saint Thomas University in 2017. He also holds a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. Mr. Mabrich is also a recognized speaker in Civil and Geotechnical Conferences with papers published in conferences in the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.