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Sweco Nederland Streamlines Construction of Antwerp’s Oosterweel Connection

Sept. 28, 2022

Part of Antwerp’s Great Connection strategy to prepare the city for sustainable mobility, the Oosterweel Connection will relieve traffic congestion, while reducing noise pollution and improving air quality in the surrounding neighborhoods. Sweco Nederland was contracted to construct a 5.5-kilometer highway to close the ring road around Antwerp. However, Sweco Nederland encountered many technical challenges and an immense scope of work when designing one of the largest civil infrastructure projects in Europe. To accomplish the complex design, 3D model information had to be frequently shared among many specialized design teams, requiring a BIM solution.

Download the full case study and watch the video to learn how Sweco Nederland implemented a significant road design change in only eight weeks by having three designers simultaneously work on the issue. Discover how they saved four months by simulating and evaluating many design alternatives for the tunnels, with an overall cost savings of EUR 400,000.

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