ETL-Verified Color PVC-Coated Conduit for Instant Critical Identification

Sept. 13, 2022

Atkore Calbond brings Instant Critical Identification to raceway systems with ETL-Verified Color PVC-Coated Conduit and color coded pvc-coated fittings, strut and accessories. With standard bold color options, Calbond’s superior corrosion resistant conduit is designed to provide customers with color options for specific system designation.

With conduit available in six new standard colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, White, Green), system designers will have the ability to assign conduit colors based on specific transportation installation and function requirements. Available in Orange for safety, White for washdown, Red for emergency circuits and identification, Yellow for high voltage and caution areas, Blue for data lines, and Green for aesthetics, Calbond’s Color PVC-Coated Conduit can also be custom color matched upon request. 

Made in the USA, with the same superior corrosion resistant materials and performance as Calbond’s proven PVC-Coated Conduit, this is the market’s only ETL-Verified Color Conduit solution.

Calbond’s PVC coated galvanized rigid steel conduit has earned ETL Verification while also meeting Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 6 Safety Standards. ETL verification and UL 6 safety listing validates the adhesion of the conduit’s PVC coating and ensures long term system protection in the harshest environments including bridges and tunnels.

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