Statement of Solidarity

Roads & Bridges Media is part of the Scranton Gillette Companies and fully supports this message

June 17, 2020
Roads & Bridges Media is part of the Scranton Gillette Companies and fully supports this message

We at Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon condemn and grieve the violent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless black people before them who have lost their lives in racist acts. We join in the sincere desire of those seeking to identify and address systemic and institutionalized racism and oppression in all its forms. Recent events have led us to reflect on our mission, asking how we can better serve our industries and through them the Black and other minority communities they serve.

The Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon Mission Statement states: “We produce quality business information products that meet the needs of the industries we serve. That means getting involved in the industries, being passionate about their growth and success. It means leading those industries, guiding them to new levels of profitability.”

This mission means getting involved and being passionate about the growth and success of all aspects of the industries we serve, their members, and all those impacted by the work, products and services they provide. With this in mind we commit to the following:

  • We will explore issues with a focus on minority voices across all our brand content and platforms
  • We will actively seek out opportunities to share diverse voices, particularly those of minority groups and people of color across the content we produce and publish throughout the calendar year.
  • We will further our own education on matters of inequality and injustice through continuously pursuing existing and developing resources, asking critical questions and engaging in meaningful conversations.

We are committed to identifying and acknowledging issues surrounding race, inequality and inequity. In doing so we hope to assist all our audience members to do so as well. If there are areas you believe should be covered or highlighted through our content and platforms, we invite you to reach out. Your voices matter and influence our coverage. The more you connect with us, the better we can serve you and our mission stated above.

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