District of Columbia

Road Conditions

According to the latest TRIP analysis of FHWA data, the District of Columbia's overall road conditions are highly alarming.

  • 93% of state roads are considered to be in poor condition.
  • 6% of state roads are considered to be in mediocre condition.
  • 1% of state roads are considered to be in fair condition.
  • 1% of state roads are considered to be in good condition.
Bridge Conditions

According to the latest FHWA data, D.C.'s overall bridge conditions are fairly positive. 3.3% of the district's bridges are considered to be in poor condition, 69.1% are in fair condition, and 27.6% are considered to be in good shape, ranking the district as 44th in the nation according to the American Road Transportation Builders Association's deficiency rank (which takes into account the District of Columbia, as well as Puerto Rico).

There are 243 bridges in the district, comprising 569,238 sq meters of overall bridge deck area.

Funding Report

Apportionments under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act:

2019 Total: $172,317,254.00

2020 Total (estimated, before post-apportionment set-asides, penalties, and sequestration): $176,704,316.00

2021: Reauthorization of 2020 funding levels through September 1, 2021

State Gas Tax (including federal 18.4 cpg and any ancillary fees): 47.20 cents per gallon

Apportionment (est.) from "Highway Infrastructure Programs" in Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, dated Dec. 2020 (source: AASHTO): $39,885,144

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