Startup launches new app aimed at streamlining road closure requests for engineers

Civil engineers can program road closures to maximize traffic flow and coordinate operations with traffic managers

September 23, 2019
Traffic management app for construction road closures
Image: Nodum

New startup Nodum recently launched a new service for engineering firms to more effectively manage road closures for transportation construction and maintenance work.

The app was designed by a group of engineers with experience on road projects to address typical issues regarding party coordination, validation workflows, traffic rerouting, and plan designing. With the app, civil engineers can program road closures to maximize traffic flow, minimize errors, and coordinate the operation with traffic managers and DOTs.

Using a “software as a service” model, the project manager can specify all the information needed for a road project that demands traffic detouring and communicating with all parties. Effective planning ensures the most effective road interventions, thus saving money and valuable resources while improving overall traffic flow.

According to the app designers, the aim is to contain in a single app all the information, maps, plans, and documentation needed for road intervention projects and effectively communicating with DOTs, local authorities, and team members in a seamless fashion.



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