Stabilizing soil

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Roadtec Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn., has recently introduced the new SX-7 soil stabilizer. This Cat-powered, 700-hp machine features a 21-in. cut depth—one of the deepest in the industry. Used to stabilize the roadbed before the pavement is constructed, the SX-7 can work in many types of materials from soil to old pavement. With its right-flush cut, the machine pulverizes or stabilizes all the way to the curb line. The cut is 102 in. wide, prefect for three passes on a 24-ft-wide road. For relatively shallow cuts, the cutter is positioned in the housing to provide optimal gradation. As cut depths increase, the volume is adjusted in the housing to accommodate throughput for deep stabilization. The turning radius of the machine is only 155 in. in the cut and 0 in. out of the cut, making it the most maneuverable soil stabilizer available.

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