ZONEGUARD® Temporary Steel Barrier System

April 15, 2024

Since its introduction to the highway safety industry in 2008, the Zoneguard® steel barrier system has become the most widely used temporary steel barrier in the country. DOT’s, contractors, and traffic control companies throught the U.S. have seen firsthand its many safety and money-saving benefits.

Designed to protect highway travelers, as well as road and construction crews, Zoneguard® offers the maximum safety requirements, as it meets MASH crash test standards.

Temporary concrete barriers systems are costly, heavy to transport and hand, time-consuming and do not provide the energy-absorbing capabilities of Zoneguard®

Today’s contractors, engineers and DOT’s have a responsibility to provide the upmost safety to the driving public, while meeting tight budgets and timelines.

Zoneguard® provides a cost-effective and efficient barrier solution and is available nationwide for rent or purchase. 

Why Zoneguard?

Trucking. The most costly expense when utilizing temporary barrier is often the trucking to and from the jobsite. Zoneguard’s design allows for 750 LF to be hauled on one flatbed trailer. Compare that to 90-120 LF of concrete barrier that can be hauled on a truck.

Installation. Saving time during the installation process can reduce labor costs and speed up project completion. The ability to maximize a truckload and install 50 feet (std. unit length) in one pick will allow up to 1,500 LF to be installed in an hour. Zoneguard’s connection slides together quickly and requires no loose parts.

Durable. Made of long-lasting galvanized steel, Zoneguard® can withstand nuisance impacts and regular movements with little to no visible wear-and-tear, unlike concrete barrier, which can experience chipping/cracking/spalling during installation, relocation and storing.

MASH Compliant. Zoneguard® has been extensively tested and has been accepted by the FHWA as meeting TL-3. Zoneguard’s rigid cross-section, and low center of gravity enable deflections which are comparable to heavier temporary concrete barriers.

Did You Know You Can Rent Zoneguard®

Zoneguard® is a revolutionary temporary steel barrier solution with superior performance. However, we know investing, transporting, and installing a system is very costly. We’ve created a robust Zoneguard rental program so you can provide that extra level of safety to your worksite without a full investment. Backed by competitive rental quotes and nationwide inventory, we supply and transport barriers to you without long-term storage or purchasing commitments. Explore your rental options by contacting a Hill & Smith Inc. representative.

Why Rent Zoneguard®

Hill & Smith Inc. offers the industry's largest fleet of steel barrier rentals, and their Zoneguard product line features several innovative design elements that set it apart. 

The easily accessible internal lifting bar allows for quick and efficient rigging, while the low center of gravity and rigid cross-section contribute to Zoneguard's industry-leading crash test performance. The 50-foot standard units help accelerate installation and maximize trucking efficiency, and at only 62 pounds per linear foot (compared to 400-500 pounds for concrete barriers), Zoneguard is significantly lighter and easier to maneuver. The patented six-point "speed joint" technology enables quick and secure connections, and the accessible anchor slot in the foot allows for easy drilling. The design of the base, or "foot," utilizes the weight of the vehicle during impact to enhance safety. Finally, the hot-dip galvanized coating provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, ensuring the durability and reliability of the Zoneguard system.


With over 15 years of real-world experience on US roadways, Hill & Smith Inc. is set up to guide you through every step along the way. We have a dedicated inside team ready to answer or facilitate anything that you may need during your installation of Zoneguard®. Not only do we have an inside team, but with a regional sales team spread throughout the entire country, we are just one call away from being able to show up on the job site and provide any guidance that you may need.

Choose Zoneguard®. Save Time. Save Money. Work Protected.

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