South Dakota receives federal funding for statewide bridge replacements

The department received a total of $33.823 million to replace state and local bridges

April 28, 2020 / 1 minute
Foster Street Bridge in Davison County, South Dakota.
Foster Street Bridge in Davison County, South Dakota. The bridge was the first to be rehabilitated using Bridge Improvement Grant funding. Image: South Dakota DOT on Flickr.

The South Dakota DOT (SDDOT) recently announced the agency has received an apportionment of Federal Highway Infrastructure Program funds to be used for bridge replacements throughout the state.  

Based on recommendations from the department, new opportunities for a Local Federal Bridge Replacement Program and Local Bridge Removal Program were approved at the March 26, 2020 Transportation Commission meeting, SDDOT said.

The department received a total of $33.823 million, with the local share being $25.875 million with approximately an 18% match requirement. All counties, cities, and towns with poor condition bridges in South Dakota are eligible for these programs. 

According to a fact sheet from SDDOT, allocation is available to states for which the percentage of total deck area of bridges classified as in poor condition is at least 5% as determined based on the National Bridge Inventory as of December 31, 2018.

Overall South Dakota has approximately 19,338,669 sq ft overall deck area with approximately 1,857,344 sq ft considered to be in poor condition for a total of 9.61%. At the state level, 436,567 sq ft of deck area for structures has been rated in poor condition, with 46 poor condition bridges on state highways out of a total of 1806 bridges. At the local level, 1,420,777 sq ft of deck area for structures has been rated in poor condition, with 970 poor condition bridges on local roadways out of a total of 3,928 bridges.


SOURCE: South Dakota DOT

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