Improving Infrastructure Resilience: Providing Permanent Stability Solutions for Better Roads, Highways, and Bridges

Feb. 18, 2021

February 18, 2021 | 2 p.m. Eastern | 1 p.m. Central


It’s no secret that America’s infrastructure is desperately in need of investment. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the country’s infrastructure an overall grade of D-plus in its Infrastructure Report Card — dangerously close to an outright failing grade. The ASCE estimates that the U.S. will need to spend nearly $4.5 trillion by 2025 to fix the country’s roads, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure.

Infrastructure development for highways and road corridors faces many challenges when it comes to project design and construction. Building asphalt or concrete roadways over soft soils requires thick base layers of expensive stone, and pavement surfaces often fail just a few years after installation. Expanding road width requires steepening corridor embankments, leading to potential slope failure that can cause road closures and damage. Stormwater management alongside roads is an increasingly common concern due to limited construction space and larger storm events.

Presto Geosystems provides cost-effective, low-maintenance, quality solutions for all of these potential issues using our GEOWEB® 3D Soil Stabilization System. In this webinar, we will discuss how to utilize these solutions to address the challenges of aging infrastructure.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the innovative ways Presto Geosystems’ products can provide permanent stability solutions along roadways and surrounding areas
  • Understand how geocells perform in the most challenging soil conditions
  • Learn about different geocell applications and where they can be used in roadway corridors
  • Learn how to use geocells to help manage stormwater runoff alongside roads and prolong pavement life
  • Long-term permanent solutions


Presto Geosystems partners with engineers and designers to solve challenging soilstabilization problems with the original 3D geocell system—GEOWEB®. Fillconfined in the versatile HDPE 3D structure remains stable under the heaviestloading to deliver economic benefits in a variety of applications. Constructroadways and shoulders with onsite fill, control erosion on steep slopes andshorelines, design channels to resist all hydraulic conditions, build naturallyvegetated retaining walls with a longer-life, low environmental impact solution.Presto Geosystems offers free project evaluations, an easy spec building tool, freelicensed MSE wall design software and over 35 years of experience in marketsranging from general site construction to mining, oil & gas, railroads, wind, andgreen building.


José Pablo (JP) George, MS CPESC-IT
International Business Development Manager, Presto Geosystems

Mr. George is Presto Geosystems´ International Business Development Manager. He holds a Master's Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control. He also holds degrees and certificates in International Business, Quality Systems Analysis, and Network Distribution, and has over two decades of experience with University outreach, curriculum design, and asset development. In his role with Presto Geosystems, José Pablo secures and supports an international distribution network to drive new project opportunities with a focus on Infrastructure, Mining, Site Remediation, and Energy. José Pablo meets with specifier and contractor clients, and provides site support and training.