Software to retrofit sidewalk curb ramps

July 13, 2020
Software to retrofit sidewalk curb ramps

Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering software and traffic safety analysis technology, has announced the release of AQCESSRAMP, the first-of-its-kind software for the efficient design and retrofitting of sidewalk curb ramps.

AQCESSRAMP was developed over the course of two years with the input of leading U.S. DOTs and engineering firms. AQCESSRAMP represents a major technological leap forward for streamlining curb ramp designs that are compliant with regional guidelines. Across North America, millions of curb ramps are in the process of being retrofitted to meet design standards such as the American Disability Act (ADA). The design process for these upgrades is both time-consuming and challenging. With AQCESSRAMP, designers can now accelerate these curb ramp design projects using the built-in curb ramp types, design guidelines, dynamic editing features and 3-D modeling capabilities, saving them at least 60% of time and effort compared to drafting tools.

Transoft's complete announcement of this new product can be found here:

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