SMART PARKING: BMW adding parking locator app to U.K. Minis

In-car app connects drivers with private space owners looking to rent

August 12, 2014

Thanks to a new partnership between BMW and technology company JustPark, Mini drivers in the U.K. can now access the JustPark parking locator app from their vehicle dashboards. BMW hopes to have the app integrated across its full lineup by the end of this year.

JustPark allows drivers to search for a parking space amid 100,000 private spaces rented out by their owners. The selection includes parking lots, hotels, restaurants and even driveways. Once the driver chooses a spot, they can book and pay for it directly from the app, and JustPark will even direct them to the space.

Users can also access JustPark online and through an iPhone app. The company reports it already has 500,000 users and hopes to expand further through future investment from BMW and others.