Second phase of Mountain View Corridor project in Utah completed

The planned third phase would bring a 35-mile-long freeway from I-80 to S.R. 73 

February 28, 2018
Mountain View Corridor project

Engineering and planning consultant Michael Baker International (MBI) has announced completion of the second phase of the Mountain View Corridor project on S.R. 85 to the west of Salt Lake City.

MBI served as the lead designer for the second phase of the project, which included the full design and construction of a new green-field segment of the corridor, including a roadway, structures and a shared-use path, to allow for future growth and mobility in the Salt Lake City metropolitan region.

Depending on funding, the planned third phase of the Mountain View Corridor project will eventually create a 35 mile-long freeway from I-80 in Salt Lake County to S.R. 73 in Utah County, including a high-occupancy toll lane in each direction. The corridor will provide an alternative route to I-15 for commuters and residents.

As one of the Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT) top projects of 2017, phase two of the Mountain View Corridor project added 2.5 miles of roadway in West Valley City, and included the completion of 14 mainline bridges, seven pedestrian bridges, intersection reconstruction and safety improvements in impacted areas.

The next phase of construction to expand the corridor from 4100 South to S.R. 201 will begin in 2019. In the meantime, the extension project into Utah County from S.R. 73 to 2100 North will begin in 2018. Initial construction on the overall project has included two lanes in each direction with signalized intersections, and future phases will build out the remainder of the corridor by converting intersections to interchanges, and adding inside lanes to achieve a fully functional freeway.


Source: Traffic Technology Today

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