Salt Lake City testing temporary roundabout, other intersection designs

One "pop-up" design is made up of traffic cones and signs to simulate a permanent roundabout

May 17, 2018

Salt Lake City is seeking the community's feedback on two "pop-up" intersection designs ahead of road construction work planned for next year.

From May 16-23, the city is testing out a temporary intersection design at 900 South and 1100 East, which will be part of a reconstruction project in 2019. The roundabout is made up of traffic cones arranged in a circle and traffic signs to simulate what a permanent roundabout at that location could look like. Drivers will use the temporary roundabout conventionally, with a counter-clockwise circulation, yielding to traffic from the left and to pedestrians and bicyclists.

The city is also considering two other options for the intersection. One is to have Gilmer Drive T into 1100 East, creating a two-stage stop for Gilmer Drive and a traditional four-way stop for the other roads. Another option is to keep the intersection the way it is. However, transportation officials indicated the intersection is currently unpredictable for those crossing at crosswalks.

Salt Lake City will select the intersection's design based on data gathered from community input and objective observation. A video camera also will record the intersection for two days during both pop-ups. Data before, after and during operation of the temporary intersections will be gathered from a traffic counter as well.


Source: Deseret News