Ohio DOT invests in two-year statewide transportation safety initiative

June 29, 2020

The Ohio DOT (ODOT) has signed Woolpert to a two-year Statewide Safety Design contract. The firm will provide engineering, traffic, field survey and supportive geospatial services to improve transportation safety on Ohio’s most hazardous roads.

The project will be managed by Woolpert Project Manager and Transportation Engineer Jon Wiley, who has more than 30 years of traffic safety and roadway design experience. Woolpert will provide multidisciplinary services to reduce crash frequency and severity at locations throughout the state.

“Every project will be different, from intersections and roundabouts to improved signage and crosswalks, but each will require urgent attention and action,” Wiley said. “We are fortunate to have a powerhouse team of in-house engineering, survey and geospatial experts, supported by subconsultants Mead & Hunt and Burgess & Niple, who will work together to implement effective design practices and safety countermeasures to support these vital state needs.”

ODOT Highway Safety Program Manager Michelle May said, in a statement via Woolpert, this project is part of Gov. Mike DeWine’s strategic investment in transportation safety. The project also reinforces ODOT’s initiative to support local agencies in making safety improvements in their communities. Earlier this spring, ODOT took the unprecedented step of funding 100% of local safety projects, leading to a record number of applications across the state.

This Statewide Safety Design contract is not limited to roadways. With ODOT's additional focus on pedestrian safety, projects could include crosswalk improvements such as raised crosswalks, pedestrian hybrid beacons, high-visibility markings, and advance signage.

“We appreciate the state’s investment in transportation safety, both professionally and personally,” Wiley said. “Woolpert is headquartered in Dayton and all of us on this project live and work in Ohio. We are proud to help the state and the governor protect Ohio’s most valuable commodity—its people.”

Source: Woolpert